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Fitspiration: 3 Trends to Try

January 6, 2017 9:37 pm by

When it comes to fitness and workout classes, innovation is the name of the game. This year, we’re already seeing the exercise gurus of the world stretching the limits and improving upon old methods to create techniques and equipment that yield bigger results, faster. Whether the new year has inspired you to kickstart your fitness regimen or simply try something different, here’s a list of our favorite new (and not so new) trends to try in 2017.


You’ve probably heard whispers of the Pilates Reformer machine and its magical transformative powers. But this, my friends, is the mega version. Part of the Lagree Fitness Method, developed by Sebastien Lagree and wildly embraced by Hollywood celebs, the Megaformer was designed to bring Pilates and cardio together in one powerhouse of a workout. According to Lagree, one 50 minute Megaformer class can burn more than 700 calories in the average-sized woman while simultaneously working muscles to the point of exhaustion — in a good way. Interested in seeing results for yourself? Find a class near you and give it a try!


“Be prepared to get into the best shape if your life,” the U.K.-based BoxxMethod website boasts. Led by expert instructors, classes are all virtual and require only 15-30 minutes of your day. High intensity shadow boxing with lightweight dumbbells set to 3 minute rounds allow you to blaze through your workout with precision focus on full, upper and lower body. Followers of the fitness trend say the BoxxMethod is invigorating, motivating and, most importantly, incredibly effective. To learn more about the BoxxMethod and its benefits, visit the website.


If you’ve been to a gym in the last year, you’ve almost certainly seen those complex looking black and yellow bands hanging from the wall — the TRX Suspension Trainer. In reality, this strength training tools is very simple to use and even easier to set up in your own home. According to their website, TRX allows users to incorporate their own body weight into any strength training routine, strengthening tendons, bones and ligaments while reducing the risk of injury, speeding up the metabolism and promoting fat loss. Sound like something you’d be into? Try it at your local gym (they likely have an instructional poster nearby to help you on your way) or visit the TRX website to learn more!

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