Yoga, Demystified.

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More popular than ever, the ancient practice of yoga has expanded into many variations and styles. So which one is right for you? Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran yogi, there’s something for everyone to continue to learn and grow in this inclusive, spiritual lifestyle. To make the decision a little less daunting, we’ve broken down a few of the most popular varieties. Namaste!


Perfect for: People who enjoy a routine (and a challenge)!

After just one Ashtanga class, you’ll know what to expect every time; that is, until you master a series and move on to the next level. To practice Ashtanga is to commit to a vigorous daily flow of the the same asanas, carried out in the same order  with the ultimate goal of achieving pose perfection.

Hot Yoga

Perfect for: Detoxing the body and relaxing muscles.

Not to be confused with Bikram (which involves intentional breathing and a 26-posture routine practiced a humid, 105-degree room), hot yoga can be any yoga variety carried out in a heated room. The warmer temperature allows participants to stretch more deeply and open the body, providing countless detoxifying benefits.


Perfect for: High impact enthusiasts.

In Vinyasa, breath and movement link together in a perfect harmony, making it a very effective high impact practice. Expect to mindfully melt in and out of asanas with the grace of a dancer in this heart-pumping class. Teachers will often set sessions to music to assist with the natural flow of mind, body and breath.

Yin Yoga

Perfect for: Zenning out.

In Yin Yoga, mindfulness is in full effect. Postures are held for several minutes, allowing yogis to focus on lengthening muscles without muscular engagement. Slow and patient, Yin Yoga classes are known to be incredibly restorative and refreshing.

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