The Women of Soybu: Aleida Junda

March 7, 2018 9:00 am by

To celebrate National Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the driven and creative women behind Soybu. Meet our Development, Sourcing & Production Director: Aleida Junda! We asked her a few questions about her life and how she stays active. #SoybuSpotlight

What is your role within Soybu?

I am the Development, Sourcing and Production Director. I manage the product development process and the Product Managers. I select and manage our vendors and our production.

Tell us about yourself. Are you a mom, busy professional, athlete, or all of the above?

I strive to strike a balance between keeping up with work and keeping up with my two rescued dogs, Bindy and Pickles.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Learning and growing everyday, being grateful for every moment I have with the people and pets I love, and making sure they know it. I am not sure how much that relates to being a women, but that is who I am when I am the women I’m most proud to be.

What woman has made an impact in your personal life and why?

I spent much of my young life in Park County CO, one of the legendary women of that area was a dance hall girl nicknamed Silverheels for the silver dancing shoes she always wore. When the smallpox epidemic hit Park County in 1861, she used her own wealth to bring in doctors and at great personal risk she nursed the sick. She eventually contracted the disease and disappeared into her cabin at the base of a mountain, now named Silverheels in her honor.  She may just be another fable of the old west, but she really resonated with me as a girl and to this day because she is a highly revered hero to the people of South Park. I think that it is critically important that women understand that we do not have to be perfect to be role models and we should judge each other based on the good we bring to our communities.

#HowDoYouSoybu: How do you stay active in your life, community, or family?

My husband and I love to spend all our extra time outside, enjoying nature. We try to hike every weekend, and camp every chance we get from late spring until the cold chases us off in November.  We try to plan a couple of epic trips a year and then just head off to our favorite (secret) spots on most weekends. Going to the same areas frequently means you get to experience the how the micro environments change from season to season (really day to day) in the Rockies. Our dogs have such unmitigated joy in being outside, it’s just contagious.

What is your favorite Soybu article of clothing and why?

Ok. First off asking someone in product development to pick their favorite piece is just cruel, I love so many, I managed to narrow it down a little.

In Town – The Commando Legging, the Q11 fabric is truly unmatched. It just makes me happy every time I put it on. It’s like discovering leggings all over again.

On The Trail – I can’t live without my Endurance Tees. They are ultra light, UPF 50, quick drying and basically indestructible. Trust me, I’ve tried. Also they are just feminine enough that my husband and I don’t get them mixed up in the tent.

Over Everything Else – The Bustle Jacket. This lightweight woven jacket is perfect for spring, it is accentuates your curves and gives you that little bit of extra coverage. I always feel just a bit more put-together with it on.

Under Everything Else – The Lola Tank. We have had this style in the line for years so I have one in a color that matches every outfit, because you can wear it the crew or v-neck in the front,. It literally goes under anything.

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