The Women of Soybu: Kim Lim

March 14, 2018 9:00 am by

To celebrate National Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the driven and creative women behind Soybu. Meet our Product Manager: Kim Lim! She is one of the brilliant designers behind our Soybu clothing. We asked her some questions about her life and how she stays active. #SoybuSpotlight

What is your role within Soybu?

I am a Product Manager and I design clothing for the Soybu line.

Tell us about yourself. Are you a mom, busy professional, athlete, or all of the above?

I’m a busy working mom who tries to fly fish and play some tennis when time permits.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman means to stand tall and strong like a tree against the wind and adapt to change like water. She must face everything with determination and perseverance while being nurturing and loving at the same time.

What woman has made an impact in your personal life and why?

My mother, she’s hard working and has sacrificed all she has for her family.

#HowDoYouSoybu: How do you stay active in your life, community, or family?

I stay active by chasing a toddler and playing tennis.

What is your favorite Soybu article of clothing and why?

My favorite items are our summer dresses with cardigans and the Convertible Bag. The dresses are easy to wear thanks to the built in bra! The cardigans are soft and lightweight which is perfect for sun protection without overheating. I use my Convertible Bag to carry my breast pump and also use it as a diaper bag. It’s so versatile and looks modern.









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