The Women of Soybu: Mariah Pepe

March 28, 2018 9:00 am by

To celebrate National Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the driven and creative women behind Soybu. Meet our Sales Coordinator: Mariah Pepe. We asked her some questions about her life and how she stays active. #SoybuSpotlight

What is your role within Soybu?

I am the Sales Coordinator. As a part of our customer service team, I work on order entry and customer support. I also support our sales teams with key accounts.

Tell us about yourself. Are you a mom, busy professional, athlete, or all of the above?

I’m a young professional and a recreational athlete.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman is defined by your accomplishments, whatever those look like to you. We all place importance on different aspects of being a woman, whether it’s being a mother staying up with her sick kid, a career woman pushing the boundaries in the office, an elite athlete, a reliable friend, an artist, having a great recipe, always being able to crack a joke, or finding the balance of all of these roles.

What woman has made an impact in your personal life and why?

Holly Ball has become my workout buddy, a friend to double date with, and a woman whose wit, humor, athleticism, career success, and community involvement I admire. We hiked three fourteeners to mark her thirtieth birthday. She also works for Jeppesen in a technical aviation role. More importantly than her sense of adventure are her impressive squats and her dedication to her career. Holly is always willing to make a new friend. She cares about other women and building each other up, no matter what else happens in life.

#HowDoYouSoybu: How do you stay active in your life, community, or family?

Staying active is one of the most important parts of life—whether with my friends, family, or community and, of course, physically! I wear my Soybu gear when volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, while hitting the gym, and dancing at concerts! A couple months ago, I ran my very first marathon. Since then, I’ve started doing body pump, skiing, using an elliptical, and exploring new classes like yoga and Zumba.

What is your favorite Soybu article of clothing and why?

Right now, my favorite article of Soybu clothing are the Soybu Commando Leggings. They’re flattering, comfortable, and come in so many colors. Being pretty new to the team, I can’t wait to explore more of the Soybu line!

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