What can a meditation practice do for your life?

July 18, 2018 3:59 pm by

We all have busy lives, and it can be difficult to prioritize everything we need to do to keep ourselves healthy. Often we focus on our physical health, but mental health is important to work on too.

Here are a few tips for fitting meditation into a busy schedule:

Breathe for 5 minutes

We all have 5 minutes – even if we think we don’t. Carve out 5 minutes between meetings or while you are waiting to pick up your son or daughter from school. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for 5 minutes. After that, you will feel refreshed and you can move on with your busy schedule.

Take a mindful walk

Taking a walk can help boost your productivity, help you get your steps in and be used as meditation/mindfulness practice. When you go on your walk, choose to focus on one thing – the solid ground beneath your feet, the buzzing sound of cars passing by, the sweet scent of nearby flowers. Focus on your breathing and repeat a self-loving mantra to yourself as you walk. Some examples of great self-loving mantras are:

“Wherever I am is exactly where I need to be.”

“Let it go.”

“I am strong. I am balanced. I am beautiful.”

“I am enough.”

Brush your teeth

Mindfulness doesn’t have to take long, and you can still gain benefits from short bursts. Every time you brush your teeth, focus on the sensations of that activity – the flavor of toothpaste, the feeling of the bristles against your teeth. Repeating twice a day adds more mindful minutes to your day, and your teeth will be clean, too!

Schedule it

Whether it’s during your lunch break or right after you wake up, set a time to breathe and be mindful. If you make a time commitment to meditate, you’re much more likely to follow through. The kicker – actually put it into your calendar and set a reminder.

Making time for mindfulness and meditation just takes a few small tweaks to your regular routine. With these tips, you’ll be in a zen state-of-mind in just minutes a day! We’d love to hear how you make time for meditation – share your story on with us on social media using #HowDoYouSoybu!

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