Get Fit with Friends: 5 Moves to a Stronger Core

August 6, 2018 2:28 pm by

Staying on track with your fitness goals can often come down to one thing – accountability. When you’ve committed to your workout buddy, bailing is never an option. Plus, it’s friendlier with two. Here are five moves you can perform with a partner for an awesome core workout.

High-Five Planks

Get into a plank position, head-to-head with your partner. Raise your right arms to high-five, then lower back down. Repeat with your left arms. That’s one set. Complete 10 sets.

Partner Wall Sit

You don’t need a wall when you have a partner. Sit back to back, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Partner Medicine Ball Sit-Up and Throw

Lay down on the floor, while your partner stands on your feet to hold you steady. Use a medicine ball, and when you sit-up, throw the medicine ball to your partner. Wait until your partner throws it back to you before lowering back down. That’s 1 rep. Complete 10. Be careful when you throw the medicine ball to keep both you and your partner safe. Repeat for your partner.

Wheelbarrow Push-ups

Get into push-up position, and have your partner hold your feet. Complete 10 push-ups. Then it’s her turn.

Rotational Twists

Standing back to back, twist to pass the ball to your partner. This works your obliques. Complete 10 reps. Then switch, and go the opposite direction.

Maintaining your social life and getting your workout in is no longer mutually exclusive. Have a great workout!


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