Courage for the Soul Founder Maria Luisa Gonzalez

Happy Giving Tuesday! You Get Leggings, We Give a Portion of Proceeds to Benefit Women Facing Chemo Hair-Loss

December 3, 2019 5:16 pm by

For Giving Tuesday and through the rest of 2019, we are donating 10 percent of proceeds from web purchases using the code, COURAGE, to an amazing non-profit. Courage for the Soul is a nonprofit based in Chicago that provides free headscarves to women facing chemo hair-loss. So, you can get that pair of leggings you’ve been eyeing for you or a friend and know that part of the proceeds from that purchase will benefit women facing hair loss from chemotherapy.

In March 2016, Maria Luisa Gonzalez, the founder of Courage for the Soul, was diagnosed with Stage 2- invasive ductal carcinoma, breast cancer. “Very quickly I learned cancer does not give you notice before intruding your body,” she says on their website. In the midst of the many challenges that arose, Gonzalez said that losing her hair was one of the most difficult because it’s such a visual loss, and even after finishing chemo, your hair doesn’t grow back the same.

During the months ahead, Gonzalez received multiple headscarves. She said they gave her confidence. In October 2016, she had her final treatment and entered remission. Then, in 2017, she started Courage for the Soul to empower other women facing chemo hair-loss.

At the Courage for the Soul website, you can make a monetary donation or donate a scarf; you can also request a scarf for yourself or on behalf of a friend. And, remember to use the code COURAGE on your next purchase, so that 10 percent of the proceeds will benefit Courage for the Soul.

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